Master Sword : Zelda Twilight Princess

This replica of Link’s Master Sword from Zelda: Twilight Princess is perfect for cosplayers looking for the most authentic prop they can get, and for collectors wanting the best showcase piece on their wall.  The sword is made with durable resin and reinforced with aluminum rods for structural support, making it well balanced for carrying as a cosplay prop.  The inner aluminum core is not exposed to the surface, so it should be safe for most any convention. The paint is custom automotive paint for a metallic and mirror-like shine, and to resist minor scratches.  The sword measures about 42" long (107cm), and weighs about 3lbs (1.4 kg). The sheath is lined with a smooth suede-like fabric and soft foam to keep the blade firmly in place, and prevent scratches while sheathing. The sword is also available in Dark Link versions as well.

Generally, each replica takes about a month to make, and should look as nice as the ones you see here. If you’re interested in getting a set, or have any questions, just let me know on the purchasing page here. These sets are made with the highest quality I can put into them. If for any reason a cosplay accident or something occurs to a set you have, just let me know and I can work with you on getting it repaired.

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