Magic Knight Rayearth: Hikaru's Rayearth Blade

This is Hikaru’s Rayearth blade from Magic Knight Rayearth.  The sword is made with resin and a foam core in the tip to help reduce the weight of the blade.  This cosplay safe replica measures about 48” long (122cm), and weighs about 4 lbs (1.8 kg), allowing you to carry it around conventions without too much effort.  The length of the blade is reinforced with a hollow aluminum pipe to give it a very rigid structure from bending, while the handle has a solid aluminum rod running through it.  None of the metal is exposed, so it should be cosplay safe for most conventions. The paint used is the ChromeFX mirror paint that was also used on the Mirror shield to give the blade a bright and vibrant finish, while the gems in the blade are made with transparent red resin backed with chrome to give a glass-like crystal clarity and sparkle to them.

Generally, each replica takes about a month to make, and should look as nice as the ones you see here. If you’re interested in getting one, or have any questions, just let me know on the purchasing page here. These swords are made with the highest quality I can put into them. If for any reason a cosplay accident or something occurs to a set you have, just let me know and I can work with you on getting it repaired.

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