General Overview

To get a general idea of what to expect, a project such as a full suit of armor could cost anywhere from $200-$600; and a sword could cost $100-$200 just in materials.  Most of your time will be spent in the sanding stage if you want to have a nice looking prop; as the fiberglass and sculpting stages are rather quick if done right.  The overall time for a suit of armor could run about 200-600 hours depending on skill, size, tools, and desired results.  A sword could likewise run from 50-100 hours depending again on the desired results.
            The optimal working conditions are low humid areas with a temperature around 70°-80°.  The hotter it is though, the faster it dries.  Working in a well ventilated area or outdoors is a necessity, as the smell is very potent.  A respirator is highly advised.

Safety Information

Liquid resin is known to have cancerous materials
Pink foam is toxic when burned
Fiberglass dust is very itchy and may cause a rash
Most of the materials are highly flammable
Some chemicals can be absorbed through your skin


Most materials can be picked up at Home Depot, Lowes, or Marine stores
Purchasing larger quantities is much cheaper in the long run

Polyester Fiberglass Resin (gallon): $30
Epoxy Fiberglass Resin (gallon): $100
Fiberglass cloth: $5
Foam sheet: $12
Sandpaper pack: $4

Respirator: $30
Power Sanders: $50-$100
Dremel: $50-$100



Hot glue
Epoxy Resin
Polyester Resin
Fiberglass Cloth

Long sleeves

Power Sanders
Sand paper: 60 & 220 Grit


Types of resin

There are two main types of fiberglass resin: Polyester and Epoxy.  Polyester, commonly found in hardware stores may cost less and dry in about 15-30 minutes, but destroys foam.  Epoxy resin, commonly found in marine stores cost three time as much and dries in about 12 hrs, but doesn’t melt foam.